Thursday, January 11, 2018

yogurt bites.

As I mention earlier this week, one of the new ideas for 2018 I have for the blog is to make a recipe each month. Whether it be try something new, make something I've always made, anything really. We made yogurt bites! I've been trying to think of new snack ideas for Hadley, because lately she has been eating nothing but Doritos, Cheetos, and suckers it seems like. Now don't get me wrong, she loves her fruit but not as much as the other junk food.
For these yogurt bites, we started out with Hadleys yogurt, and we call it Hadley's yogurt because its bubblegum flavored and that doesn't really appeal to anyone else in the house haha So we used her yogurt, and a few blueberries. I've been wanting to use this mini muffin pan, so I was excited to try it with these yogurt bites.
All we did was put the yogurt in the pan with a spoon, did not use any cooking spray or anything. Incorporating the kids in making things helps them to want to try it / eat it also! Win win!
We used two different flavors, bubblegum and blueberry. On some, we tossed in a blueberry in the middle. Pushed it down in the middle so when it froze it would be somewhat covered.
Most of them were messy and all over the place, but just the fact that Hadley did them and she was so proud of it was all that mattered. Now let's cross the fingers that she'll eat them!
We put them in our big freezer in the garage, and checked on them the next day. They were ready!
Here's what they looked like out of the freezer, pretty much the same except a little harder.
And....she liked them! She ate three of them, even one with a blueberry in the middle. Score! Super easy snack for kids, and healthy.
Since our freezer in the house is pretty small, I put them all in a bowl and put them in the freezer. They popped out of the pan with a fork pretty easily. Another alternative to these would be to put Greek yogurt in a large regular muffin pan, and add your choice of mixed fruits! Try it!

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