Wednesday, January 10, 2018

workspace wednesday.

Today's workspace Wednesday is all about what is on my bed. We have these dry erase calendars we use to put all things kid wise on there. Days off school, holidays, sports, etc. We always have the current month and the next month up so we can see what's coming the next month. 

Just like last week, my workspace has typically been on our bed, because after Hadley goes to bed we usually watch TV in our room, plus its the warmest room in the house! 
Every once in awhile, I'll find cute office supplies at the dollar store.  These little push pins for the cork board part of the calendar work perfectly. 
Here's what our calendars look like on the wall, we made this little area for the kids coats and book bags because they used to just get thrown on the floor or on the couch.  This way, theirs a designated spot for everything. Like I said earlier, we have the current month and the next month on the wall.  The kids do look at this calendar a lot, so it's nice to know they appreciate it.
Here's a close up of the month of February, I try to decorate it so it looks fun and not just boring dates and things listed.

Thanks for stopping by today, I'd love to hear what's on your work table or bed haha or wherever you are working at!

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