Thursday, January 18, 2018

what we did with all our Christmas cards.

We get so many Christmas cards every year which is so fantastic, but what do you do with them all after the holidays are over? Well here's your answer! We made a mini book/keepsake of them!
The only supplies you need are two binder rings, a piece of pretty Christmas scrapbook paper, and a hole punch. And of course, all the Christmas cards!
All I did was put all the cards together, smallest to largest. Hadley helped me with this little project too which made her day. The Grinch card from our Uncle Greg was her favorite, so that went on top.
Next thing you do is start hole punching! Pretty simple. I hand wrote the year "2017" on the red paper to put on top of the cards, so we'll know what year these cards were from.

Putting the binder rings through each card can be a little tricky with different size cards, just takes a few minutes.
Even Hadley had fun helping, and this literally probably took a total of 15 minutes from start to finish.
And there you go! All those Christmas cards in one place. Plus, it'll help to know who sent us cards each year. I put this in our Christmas decoration bins, so next year when we get everything out for the tree and house it'll be right there. Love easy projects!

Supplies used:
Binder rings
Crop-A-Dile hole punch

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