Tuesday, January 23, 2018

pinterest obsession.

This month, I have been seriously obsessed with Pinterest.  It's like this weird crazy habit I've gotten into every night before I try to fall asleep. I'll scroll Pinterest on my phone, and some nights it ends up being longer than for just a little while.
Here is my board information, I'm under mandyjoyloves if anyone wants to follow along click here. Right now, I'm on this big kitchen remodel kick. My husband calls it, "Mandy's kitchen remodel 2023!"  I have all these ideas running through my brain and I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I'll do a post on our kitchen. It's so small, and was put together all ass backwards haha But no seriously, it's the tiniest kitchen and the flow doesn't work for me. I'd love to do it differently. One day maybe.

I digress.

If you are new to Pinterest, you should get on the bandwagon right now. I mean you could be a professional Pinterest person who does nothing but pin pins all day long. I seriously could do that.  I've done lots of ideas from Pinterest, but some of my boards are way fuller than what I've actually done. I'm sure that's the case with most people. Have you seen those Pinterest fail photos? They are hilarious. Google them or look them up on #pinterestfail on Instagram.
These are some of the boards I have created, I tend to move them around a lot so they might be in different spots when you check it out later. I like to move the boards I'm most interested in up to the top, and older boards are at the bottom.
You know how people have addictions?  I am addicted to Pinterest. For real. I have a problem. Do they have Pinterest help centers? LOL. Anyways, it's so fun though. I mean what's not to love about a website where you can basically type in anything in the search section and at least one thing comes up, but in reality more like 500 things of the same idea will come up.

I would love to meet the creators of Pinterest Ben and Evan one day, and tell them thank you for all the hours of sleep I've missed out on. They are both like 6 years younger than me and billionaires! Insane. I'm sure their parents are super proud.
Who are some of the people you follow on Pinterest?  Is it all friends and family? Famous people? Bloggers are the ones I tend to follow the most, with a little mix of friends and family in there too.  My Mom and Aunt will randomly send me ideas they find for me and the kiddos, and I'll do the same to them. It's a fabulous invention, that Pinterest thing. I love it. Too much.

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