Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas 2017.

The night before Christmas Eve we set out reindeer food on our front porch.
We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning with the kids. We decided to start a new tradition and have a Christmas morning breakfast before we open presents. I bought Christmas tin like plates that are reusable, we'll use these every year for breakfast on Christmas morning. Each of us got a Christmas mug with hot chocolate inside, and a mini solo cup filled with marshmallows. In the center of the table was a gum drop tree, which consisted of a styrofoam cone with gum drops on toothpicks. The kids loved it!
For our little name tags I cut out our little face and put them on random Christmas sayings.
For the food, we did everything really simple. Pancakes, bacon, donuts, and mini cinnamon rolls.
We started presents with George first, Santa brought him a bone to keep him busy while we opened our gifts.
It was so fun watching Hadley get so excited with each present, love how she takes her time with each one.
Christmas at my parents house!
Christmas at Kevin's uncles house!
Christmas at the lake!

We had a very calm, quiet Christmas this year. I think it's important to start your own family traditions for holidays, those are the best memories I had growing up and want the same for our family. Very thankful to spend time with all of our families throughout the Christmas break. And even more thankful for having each other. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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