Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Grandmas are really nice ladies who always make you feel good inside.  They read you stories and there is fun things in Grandma's houses.  You can take out all the pots and pans at once and make tents with blankets. Some people say that Grandma's spoil kids rotten. Not my Grandma. She says only eggs get rotten.  The world is a good place because of Grandma's.  -Unknown

This past Saturday, we said goodbye to Oma (Kevin's Grandma). She passed away in her sleep it sounds like, which is the best way to go wouldn't you agree?  The funeral day was a cold snowy day, but it was such a great turnout with so many people there to pay their respects.
Oma was such a special lady. She was a grandmother to seven grand kids, and great-grandmother to fifteen great-grand kids. She had a special connection with each and everyone one of them. I remember bonding with her right from the beginning. Any time you would stop over her condo to visit, the first thing she would say is "there's Bud in the fridge".  God love her.

We love you Oma and miss you tons.  Rest in peace.

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