Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ideas for 2018.

I've been thinking of adding some new things to this space for 2018. It can be hard to commit to starting something new here on the blog, because you never know how everyday life will pan out. However, I have a few ideas in mind and here they are...

1.  K&M
K&M posts are monthly posts about Kevin and I, and what we are up to.  I'll attach a photo of us from that month also. It sort of makes us take photos with each other more, and with everyday life and kids and work and yada yada yada, sometimes we don't take as many pictures as we did when we were dating.

2.  Hadley in (insert month here)
Updates about Hadley and what's going on with her. This would be fun to see how the months change throughout the year, her likes, dislikes, etc.

3.  A birthday project? Or random projects each month?
I miss doing projects just for fun. A few years ago, I completed 33 projects for my 33rd birthday. I'd like to start something similar but dial it down to a more manageable number of projects.

4.  Sew a quilt. 
I tell myself this every year, and haven't figured out how to do this on my own yet. I am determined to sew a quilt one of these days though. Maybe 2018 will be the year!

5.  Sew Hadley a dress. 
Any kind of dress. This one caught my eye, isn't it adorable?

6.  Make a new recipe each month.
Can be anything, but something new to try. Dinner, dessert, snack, drink, anything.

7.  Planner updates.
For 2018, I recently posted the planner I'm using this year. I could post updates on how it's working for me, or what stickers I like and use the most.

So there it is! Seven random new ideas I have for the blog. We'll see what happens!

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