Friday, January 26, 2018

around here.

around here been doing awesome with water intake.  The app I use is awesome, it's called the Plant Nanny. It tells you how many ounces to drink a day, and then you have this cute little plant that you have to water all day long.  If you drink like you're supposed to, it grows.  If you don't it dies and you have bury it.  Trust me, I've had to bury two so far. LOL  It's a good app and helps motivate me.
around here made a yummy healthy dessert with chocolate graham crackers. 
around here this little three year old puts her clothes away better than her big bro and sis! She needs to teach them a few lessons haha
around here so incredibly proud to be this mans wife. 

Had a fantastic week around here, great things are happening for us, and I can't wait to share more here along the way.  Up for this weekend, I entered Kevin in a chili cook off at our local Findlay Market. He has this chili recipe that he loves to make and everyone loves it.  He even won best chili at a friends party out of 8 other chili recipes! Let's hope he wins, that would be so fun!  Looking forward to some sunshine this weekend, maybe some rain in the mix too, but Sunday looks pretty nice! 

Happy weekend!

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