Friday, January 12, 2018

around here.

around here drawing and coloring after school and work. She's my little artist for sure.
around here playing with these blocks since she was a baby. Something about putting them on each color, and stacking them up, and taking them off again. She loves this thing, and our neighbor gave it to us after her grandkids have already grown.
around here she will ask if she can do the dishes for me. Now her version of doing the dishes is filling up cups with water. For me, just the fact that she asks to do dishes? Absolutely. She'll make a good wife one day...
around here I now have business cards! However, I am not a huge fan of the holder that I picked out. It doesn't match my office, so I'll probably be looking at getting something else. But it'll do for now.
around here love how Hadley's teachers send photos throughout the day! It makes me smile big time. This was the second picture this week, she wrote her name in whatever that white stuff is haha
around here poor George is in desperate need of a walk!

This week felt like an eternity, did it to you too? In Ohio, we are supposed to get a ton of snow today, so it'll be an interesting weekend. It's pretty funny seeing everyone freak out about it, going to the grocery store like it's the last time you'll ever need bread on earth. Hah! On a sad note, tomorrow we have to say goodbye to Kevin's grandma which will be a long hard day, but she is at peace now with all the other angels in both of our families. They are probably celebrating with each other and having a Budweiser! Cheers Oma!

Have a good weekend everyone! If you are snowed in, go out and play with your spouse, kids, dogs, whoever...just have fun together!

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