Friday, January 5, 2018

around here.

We made it to the first Friday of the year! How was your week? My week felt super long, even if it was only 4 days. Kev and I had a day to ourselves that was much much needed. We celebrated by having some hot cocoa and watching whatever we wanted on the TV. Loving the Fitbit Blaze I got for Christmas, it's making me think I barely get any steps in a day without doing any exercise. Funny concept huh? haha Hadley is loving her new doggie blankey she got from Christmas, it's so soft and huge. It could probably wrap around her little self 10 times! Hadley loves our Christmas tree, and so do I. Something so magical about a tree that's all lit up with pretty decorations all over.

And lastly, I found this shirt here on Etsy. Just love the saying...

- Birthplace: Earth
- Race: Human
- Politics: Freedom
- Religion: Love

Love love love that!

Glad the end of this long/short week is here and the weekend is upon us, even if it's going to be temperatures like we're living in an Alaskan arctic. Not much on the forefront, just looking forward to being home and not having much to do. Probably will take the beloved Christmas tree down. Have a great weekend everyone, and stay warm!

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