Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 planner.

For those of you that don't know me, please understand I am a serious planner girl. Like so serious I get super excited each year picking one out! For this year 2018, I decided to go with the Happy Planner.  And, I even bought a cover for the planner! First time ever getting a cover, and so far loving all of it. 
So let's talk about this bright cheery happy yellow cover! Just looking at it puts me in a good mood. I surprised myself when I picked a bright yellow color, but I loved the thought of not having another boring black thing in my bag. And the saying on the front? "Plan A Happy Life" is just awesome. 
When you open the case, this is what you see. The back is outlined in white/blue stripes, and has 2 pockets to put things in and then an area to slide papers in behind it all. I love this part because with all my previous planners, I would always have pieces of paper stuffed inside and they would always fall out or I'd lose them. This way, they are at least secure in a place and the cover closes so that will help with odds and ends falling out or getting lost. 
The planner I chose is the Classic Happy Planner - Today I Choose Joy. I will link all the items at the bottom of the post. I know the planner doesn't necessarily match the yellow cover, but that's okay. I loved the look of the front of this one, and the saying alone.
When you first open the planner, you'll see the who this belongs to page. I usually never write my name in there just my initials, in case I ever lose this thing but knock on wood I've not lost a planner yet! It's like my iPhone, can't live without it.
The next page is the beginning of January, before you see the entire month they have a page where you can write any goals you might have, or things you don't want to forget, notes, birthdays, things like that. I love this page, but I never use it. Who knows I might start with this one, but I haven't in previous planners. At the beginning of each month, it has a positive saying on the cover before you open the tab of the actual month. It might be fun to save these monthly tab sayings and use them for fun things to hang up on the wall, or to have on your desk.
Then you come to the first tab of the entire month of January. One thing I am picky about with my planners is I like to see the entire month first, and then the weekly pages of that month. These Happy Planners all do that, but you are able to customize the planner to how you want. I'll get into that in a sec.
Here is what the weekly spread looks like. I've started adding stickers, and any notes I want to do. For example, my two step-kids are with their Mom on certain weekends so I mark those weekends in a specific color or anything associated with them is the same color. As you can also see, I am an avid crosser offer. I have always crossed off days or things that I've done on my to-do list. Makes me feel accomplished I guess.
Here's a look at what March looks like, each month has a cool saying on the cover before you get to the actual month at a glance.
Here's a look at the last page of the planner, it has a few extra blank pages where you can write in some notes or things like that. And then the back of the cover has another pocket for you to store things or papers, and a spot to put your favorite pen or marker.
Here is what the back of the cover looks like, it has "The Happy Planner" at the bottom. 
A view to see the thickness of the cover with the planner inside. It's not small by any means, but it's manageable for me at least. I carry a work bag everyday and it fits in there just fine, but I can see where some people would think it's huge which it can look that way.

The Happy Planner brand is growing like wildfire! They have so many different options for you to pick from, and make the planner that works best for you. It can be a little overwhelming, but if you do your research and figure out what you want you can get an awesome planner for a decent price too. I have the Michaels app and the Hobby Lobby app which helped tremendously in getting all of the products fairly cheap. I did not pay full price for any of the planner items I have, if you use apps or watch for coupons you can get an amazing deal on these.

The Happy Planner has mini planners, classic planners, and big planners which are all different sizes. And they even have specific planners geared toward a particular interest or field. For example, they have fitness planners where it's all about fitness only, recipe planners where you can keep track of recipes you make or create, teacher planners which are geared more towards lesson plans and the school year. In fact, I have this fitness planner, but I just started using it in 2018 and I'm not completely sold on it yet (more to come). You can even just buy the plastic rings on the planner, and then create every page yourself by buying different add-ons, including the cover page!  I mean the possibilities are endless and it's insane how many different options they have.

Overall, I am super happy with my choice. Loving the planner cover, planner itself, plus all the fun stickers! I'd love to know what type of planners work for you all? I consider myself a planner addict lol Happy planning peeps!

Here are the product links to the items I have:
2018 Classic Happy Planner
Deluxe Cover- Sunshine Yellow
Stickers - Color Story
Stickers - Quotes
Stickers - Seasonal

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