Monday, January 29, 2018

14th annual chili cook off.

This past weekend Kevin was entered in the 14th annual chili cook-off at Findlay Market , our local farmers market.  It was so much fun!
Kevin makes this chili recipe that is from a local firehouse, he has made it a few times now and has mastered it! So I thought, I'm going to enter him into this cook-off and see what happens!

We had to get there early to set up and check in, they had a total of 24 entries!
It was time for the judging, so all the fireman came around and tasted everyones chili.
Hadley was so good as always, we got her a slice of pizza and she sat there and was our little charmer for sure.  
It was packed, I mean towards the end you could barely get through the crowds just to get out and go to the bathroom. 
Kevin was dishing out samples the entire time we were there! We even had a few people come back for their 4th and 5th tasting. 
They had a live band playing, which was nice to have some background music.  It was a beautiful day outside, and so many people came! 
If you've ever been to Findlay Market, they had it all set up off to the side in this tent. They had heaters set up inside too in case it was freezing out. But luckily, it got up to the 50's!
What a gorgeous day!
Still serving was non stop.
We did not win unfortunately, but the guy that was set up right next to us did! He got a bag full of goodies, a crown to wear, and the official title of Chili Meister!  Everyone that participated received a gift card to Gold Star Chili.  Thanks for everyone that came out and supported the chili makers! It was such a fun event, and we can't wait to do it again next year!

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