Friday, December 8, 2017

around here.

around here we had our holiday lunch at work. The theme was Polar Express, and this talented lady brought in a cake she made! It was delicious too.
around here our elf Snitch has been a busy little worker. Every morning when Hadley wakes up after I leave for work, she calls me super excited to tell me where the elf is. It's really cute.
around here taking selfies in the kitchen.
around here playing babies all the time.

around here making paper snowflakes! Part of our Christmas bucket list for this year. I have to admit, I had to look it up on YouTube on how to make them, it's been so long since I've done it.

Not much planned for this weekend, but looking forward to just chilling. Going to start some Christmas shopping, and maybe do a few more Christmas bucket list items with the kids. 

Have a great weekend and stay warm out there! Heard there's a chance of snow!

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