Thursday, December 7, 2017

a little Christmas decor.

Decorating for Christmas is so much fun to me! I love getting all the boxes out from storage, and going through all of it each season. The stockings with all of our names on them are from Walmart: here is the link I bought them two years ago, they were not that expensive, and good quality!  The green Christmas tree on the ledge was one I made a few years go with a styrofoam cone, and felt circles adhered by pins. Super easy! The wooden Christmas tree on the shelf was made by my Grandpa Vince, he loved making all his kids and grandkids homemade items. It's one of our favorites for Christmas time.
I plan to add more decor to the table, but for now all I have is a plastic table cloth (easy with the kids), a Christmas candle, and napkins. The wooden circle piece is from our wedding, we used those as centerpieces at each table.
This noel candle stand is another goodie from my Grandpa Vince, it's missing two candles that I need to buy but I still love the old fashion homemade look to it.
Every year we put up the train, and by the look on the kids' faces they love it. I have no idea how old that thing is, but it works every year and it's a miracle it's still functioning. They are really good with it though, they know to not make it go too fast and things like that.
Each kid gets a turn putting on the angel after the tree is all decorated. Now don't laugh, but the top of our tree doesn't fit in our house! lol So that's why it looks half chopped off at the top (insert laughing emoji here) Our ceilings aren't high enough so we leave the topper off! Anyways, I have a tip for those that have multiple kids that fight over who gets to put the angel/star/whatever you may use as your topper every time. My Grandma June used to do this and I have found it works every year. In the actual angel case/container you keep it in write down the kids name and the year they put the angel up, and stick that paper back in the container of the angel. So for example, this year Brady was adamant that it was his turn for the angel. So we pulled out the angel and looked at the piece of paper, there it was in plain writing "Brady 2016" and Natalie was the year before 2015, so it was Hadleys turn for this year 2017! It works wonders, highly recommend doing things like that. Because who really remembers that from a year ago? I can barely remember what I did two days ago!
I'll take more pictures of our tree and the ornaments, but these three were special ornaments our elf on the shelf brought the kids when she came this year. I should write a post on the elf, that thing drives me crazy. But now that Hadley is getting to the age where she thinks everything is the most special thing ever, it's really fun see her get so excited every morning about the elf. So that makes it more enjoyable seeing her reaction!
Here's our topper less tree hahaha In serious need of a tree skirt! I keep telling myself I'm going to sew one, but I should just break down and buy one. It looks so bare without one. Oh and we are fake Christmas tree fans, real ones are beautiful and smell amazing, just too much work for us. Our luck, we'd probably burn the house down from not watering it.
If we didn't have a little three year old that constantly touches things, I would have this shelf covered in Christmas decor. Thinking garland, with bells, fake pine cones, things like that! Maybe next year?

Love decorating for Christmas. In fact, I think every post this month might be all about Christmas and nothing else. I love this time of year. I love Christmas music. I love the spirit it brings within you. Love it all! Merry everything!

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