Wednesday, November 29, 2017

workspace wednesday.

Workspace Wednesday this week is all my stuff on our bed. Have the blog calendar out, which is just a blank calendar from Outlook that I print for the year. I staple all twelve months together, and write in pencil each blog post idea for that day. Helps me keep track of posts and planning for future posts.

Also have a blog notebook. It's actually one of those sketch books like this one from Michaels. You can find them at any arts and crafts store. Typically I use that book to write down all my ideas for the blog. If you can't tell, I love to write everything down!

The UC Bearcats notebook is another one I started using for work to write down things I need to do, or folders I need to make. And then the blank calendar on the bottom right of the above photo is something I'm going to try for bills/budgeting organization. I hope to write a post on that too.
After I finished the blog stuff, I started working on the kids' Christmas lists. This year I did something new with them that my brother and I actually used to do when we were little. Do you remember those giant Sears catalogs you used to get in the mail growing up? We used to circle tons of toys for our Christmas list. I even used to write down the item description, the item #, and everything for Santa! haha

On one of my Target shopping trips, I picked up three Target toy catalogs for each kid. Then gave them each a different colored marker to circle the things they wanted. Did the same thing with the ToysRUs catalog. It really helped me figure out the things they want this year. Of course not one of them circled clothes, which kids always need!

So that's my #workspacewednesday for this week! Feel free to follow along with me on Instagram, my name is Mjmloves and be sure to use the hashtag #workspacewednesday.

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