Monday, November 20, 2017

Hadley's 3rd birthday party!

This weekend we celebrated Hadley turning three! Can you believe I have a three year old? Well not technically three yet, her official birthday is tomorrow. We celebrated with a few close family coming over. It's funny with her and the Trolls movie but she loves to watch it all the time which is fine by me, because I'm the type that can watch movies over and over again and never really get tired of them. So if you haven't seen Trolls yet, try to watch it because it's cute. 

Let's start with decorations! I love to decorate, and throw parties and get togethers, any reason to celebrate anything, I'm all about it. Made a Troll tree and taped it on the door. Her favorite character from the movie is Princess Poppy.  
The bird cage cracked me up. You seriously have to see the movie to get any of these things but I'll still explain. haha The mean ole ugly Bergen wants to eat all the little Trolls so this one captured some of them and put them in a cage. So I literally printed out the trolls on paper, cut them out, and taped the trolls on Hadley's toy bird cage!

Random decorations. You don't have to do much to make the place feel a little more lively!
On the front door, I cut out Princess Poppy's hair out of pink card stock paper. Worked out pretty good!
 This photo is a little dark, but made a "hug time" sign. They hug every hour in the movie lol
Our traditional "Happy Birthday" banner we hang up for everyone's birthday. Just used tape and put it on top of the bench where her presents went.
Now for the food part! I was excited about this little spread. I just happened to come across this on searching Pinterest and thought what a great idea. A sweet and salty spread. I already had the wooden tray, I covered the bottom with paper towels and just used various containers to put things in or just spread them all across the board like the photo to the left. Worked out great and everyone loved it.
The above food table was full of random snacks that were movie themed. 
Here is the list:
  • Poppy's Pops - lollipops
  • King Peppy's Puffs - cheese balls
  • Cloud Guy's Marshmallows - obviously marshmallows lol
  • Guy's Diamonds - hershey kisses
  • Copper's Cookies - miniature chocolate chip cookies
  • Branch's Branches - pretzel sticks
  • Biggie's Bugs - sour gummy worms
  • Creek's Crackers - rainbow goldfish
  • Prince Kristle's Gummie's - Troll gummies
To make the food cards, all I did was print out each character, cut them out, and tape them onto bright colored card stock. The wafer cookies I dipped in chocolate, and put sprinkles on the edge of them.
The cake was from Kroger which was delicious! Chocolate cake with whippy frosting, even came with a Princess Poppy stamp.
She was so fun to watch open her presents! She is so meticulous, she picks up every piece of wrapping paper after she opens each gift. (she is my daughter for sure!)
Hadley and her cousin Kaiden were hilarious. Playing with all her new toys in her room, she was loving every second of it.

All day long, she kept saying that everyone is going to sing Happy Birthday to her at her party! So when the time came to actually sing to her, the look on her sweet little face was just priceless. She is the best, and I wish I could have 5 more of her. 

We had a great little party for our sweet Hadley girl. She was so excited the entire day, nonstop all day long. She got some great toys, and had a great time celebrating with everyone. Thanks to everyone for coming and brightening her world for one day!

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