Monday, November 27, 2017

from the weekend.

Look at that smile? She was so excited to celebrate her 3rd birthday at school. She got to wear the birthday hat, and then had cupcakes after naptime. She is the happiest kid! So thankful for her wonderful teachers that take these photos!
 Playing cards with Hadley is more like learning the colors.
Thanksgiving day we went to a local parade right by our house for the first time. It's all local businesses, schools, etc., that participate each year.
They had a few animals to look at, huge bunnies, chickens, goats, and ducks. Hadley was in heaven.
After the parade we went to Frisch's for some brunch. 
On Black Friday we ventured out to the mall, it was crowded as usual but we didn't stay long. Saved the Disney store for last, she was so so good. Every toy she wanted to buy and take home, to get around that I told her to ask Santa for the toys and surprisingly she was satisfied lol 
Saturday we had Hadleys 3 year photos done. I know we have tons of photographers in our family, with myself being one, but I still like to go get them done elsewhere. Her reward for being so good for pictures was a giant lollipop. Afterwards, we hit up Dunkin Donuts for my favorite iced Vanilla Chai Tea which I know is massive calories, but it is delicious. Hadley got apple juice in the same cup as I did and to 3 year old is pretty exciting stuff. 
Hadley has been obsessed with her baby dolls. At night before she goes to bed, at least one baby has to sleep in our bed. The best part is, when she wakes up she remembers and asks us if baby is awake. 
Put up our Christmas tree this weekend! We usually do all of the tree, plus the usual decorations around the house but the big kids are not with us until this coming weekend so we're going to wait to decorate with them. I love how we put the tree in front of our window now, pulling up in the driveway and seeing the tree in the window is so pretty!

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a good weekend, and your week is off to a great start!

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