Friday, April 19, 2019

around here.

around here had dinner on the deck.
around here George laying in the hallway while Hadley takes a shower.
around here these two have been playing so much together. 
around here Hadley had a day date at the zoo with Daddy!
around here obsessed with our yard, it's fantastic!  Can't wait to remove some of the old stuff and put in new pretty stuff!

It's Good Friday!  Yay!  Excited for this weekend, the Easter bunny makes a visit, and the big kids come back.  Hadley gets so excited when they are home!  It'll be nice to hangout, chill, do whatever.  Maybe play outside, hunt for some Easter eggs, and just be together. 

Have a great Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

easter decor.

Here is our mantle decorated for Easter!  It's nothing fancy, but I'm liking the simple look of it.
Here is the full image of our fireplace.  I stuck a wooden Easter bunny in the crate, with some Easter eggs overflowing out of the basket.
On the end table next to the couch, a tin can with an Easter bunny head.  Had that thing for years, I can't remember where I got that.  And then our favorite diffusers on the end table also.
Grass Easter bunny hanging on the backside of our front door.
Easter lilly pot from Krogers.
The shelves in our bathroom, I put a little wooden Easter bunny in the middle.  It's from my Grandpa Vince, he used to make all kinds of things with wood.
Easter bath towels in the downstairs bathroom.
Peeps soap I found at Kroger of all places, and Easter bunny napkins.
And some flowers from my cousin Lauren!

Nothing too fancy, it's nice to have the space to decorate now.  I need to do an entire house tour, but not until we have everything the way we want it. We still have some painting we want to do, and more decorating, which will all come in time.   This was a little peek at our Easter decor, and this will be our first Easter in our new home!  Yay!  Can't wait to hide the kids' baskets!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

k&m love the beach.

Last week, we were lucky enough to get away to the beach, just the two of us.  It was wonderful!
We landed at 10am, and arrived at the beach around noon.  We love it!
Beach hair don't care!
Lunch views.
On the first night, we went back to the hot tub and relaxed.
Meanwhile, back at home this little one was having the time of her life with Grandma & Grandad.
Our favorite street, full of palm trees, on the way to the beach.
Lazy beach days are the best.
Dinner on the beach with my pina colada.
We skipped the beach this day, the forecast called for rain but barely did.  So we ate an early lunch on the water at a new place.
Went back to the condo and just chilled by the pool.
Dinner with Aunt Cindy.
Bar hopped after dinner and found some new places!
Last day on the beach!
Goodbye my favorite ocean!  See you soon!
Had the best time with my favorite guy.  He is the best to vacation with, we have the best time together.  This mini trip was just what we needed, a refresh.  It was amazing!

Monday, April 1, 2019

it's April.

April is here!  Let's hope not many showers this month, I feel like it rained a ton in March this year!  March was good.  Progress on the home front.  Small progress on the blog front.  Zero progress on the cleaning out the other side of the garage front.  It'll get there!

This month, I have plans for every weekend except one!  That's awesome and will help the time pass by so the warmer temperatures can arrive quickly.  It will also help me be smart about how I spend my weekends.  I predict fewer Netflix shows, and more of being outside with the fam.

Here we go April.  And come on Spring!

P.S.  The 100 day project starts tomorrow! Are you in?

P.S.S.  No idea why the photos are so blurry!  They are clear when I download them.  Any suggestions?

Friday, March 29, 2019

around here.

around here trying new snacks!  Rice cake, almond butter, and bananas!
around here after her shower, watching a movie on the couch before bed.
around here went to the Opening Day Parade!
around here our rainbow drawn on the driveway.

Happy Friday!  Yay!  It's been an interesting week to say the least.  Brady decided on a high school, went to the 100th Opening Day parade that kicks off the baseball season.  It was a beautiful day!  Work has been super busy.  The weather doesn't look good for the weekend, which doesn't make it easy to get excited about but it's still the weekend right?  Oh, and counting down the days until vacation time! 

hadley / march.

I will be documenting Hadley this year by giving monthly updates on what she is up to!
This is what Hadley has been up to in March 2019.

DRINKING:  Tum-E Yummies.

READING:  What is in my purse?

PLAYING:  Babies.

WEARING:  Target gym shoes.

EATING:  Grilled Cheese.

WATCHING:  Dennis The Menace.

ENJOYING:  Riding her bike outside!

If interested in seeing 2018 of Hadley each month, click here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

k&m / march.

A new year of K&M monthly posts!  Yay!  Here is what we've been up to this month...

March is for March Madness!

Every year, we both fill out brackets.

Whoever has the most wins, cooks the other dinner.

It's usually me doing the cooking.

She turned the big 40 this month!

Read more about the festivities here.

He was so sweet in getting everything together to celebrate!

His turn is next...just a few months down the road.

She is going to the Opening Day parade.

He is bummed he has to work.

Go Reds!